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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


General Terms for customers

  1. These are our Tariff Terms for Pay Monthly customers after 29 March 2011. They'll apply to you if you have joined Pay Monthly, upgraded your phone and signed up for a new minimum term or changed the tariff you're on (or elements of it) since 29 March 2011. If you haven't done one of these things, the Tariff Terms when you signed up, last upgraded or changed your tariff will still apply until you do or until we contact you to tell you otherwise. If we do contact you to do that, we'll give you 30 days' notice before making the change.
  2. Our Pay Monthly tariffs are subject to status, a credit-check, payment by direct debit and the terms of a 30 day, 12, 18 or 24 month minimum term Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement. These Tariff Terms are part of that Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement.
  3. When you sign up for, or upgrade to, a new a minimum term contract you will then only be able to move to the next available lower priced tariff (with a lower rate monthly subscription than the tariff you've joined on) once during your minimum term. You can only do this after you are more than halfway through your minimum term. When you tell us you want to move to the next lowest tariff, unless we tell you otherwise, the new tariff will start at the start of your next billing cycle. When you move tariff, you may have to accept the Tariff Terms for that tariff at the time you move and they may be different to these ones. Make sure you check our website for the current terms before you change your tariff. If you move tariff you may not be able to change back to your previous tariff.
  4. If you take a 30 day minimum term simplicity contract you can give us written notice that you want to end your contract or change your tariff at any time, and this will be effective no more than 30 days after we receive your notice. If you're on a 30 day minimum term simplicity contract, you'll have to pay your normal monthly charge for your simplicity tariff until the end of your 30 day notice period.
  5. If available, you can only upgrade your phone on Pay Monthly at the end of your existing minimum term contract. If you want a phone upgrade you'll have to sign up to a new minimum term contract. You can find out more about upgrading your phone on our Website.
  6. If you have minutes, messages and/or data included in your tariff, they won't be carried from one month to the next. If you transfer tariffs you may lose any inclusive minutes, messages and/or data you currently have.
  7. Unless we say otherwise, call prices are shown by the minute and are charged by the second. Each call is charged excluding VAT to 3 decimal places. All calls for that month are aggregated and then rounded using normal rounding rules (if the last digit is a 4 or lower we'll round down, otherwise we'll round up). Where applicable, VAT (at the prevailing rate) is then added to the total of all Charges on your bill, with the VAT part of the charge being rounded down to the nearest penny.
  8. If you want to use our data services on your phone then it must be data compatible and enabled. You need network coverage to be able to use data services.
  9. The prices in these Tariff Terms are correct at time of going to print but are subject to change. There are specific terms about our Charges in paragraph 5 of your Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement. You can read them on our Website.
  10. These are the prices if you pay by Direct Debit only. If you're allowed to pay by other methods then there may be additional charges, but we'll tell you what these are before you sign up for them.
  11. Itemised billing is only available at no additional charge online. Paper bills may be available in limited circumstances to certain customers by request and for a charge. If you'd like a paper bill then we'll let you know any applicable charges at the time you request it.
  12. Transaction queries must be submitted within three months of purchase. Any transaction queries submitted after this date will be automatically rejected.
  13. O2 do not work with toolbar affiliates, or allow any affiliates to publish or promote O2 offers in toolbars or other pop-ups, whether they affect O2 customers’ on-site journey or not, unless given explicit, written permission by the O2 affiliate team.
  14. The O2 affiliate programme is for online sales only and door to door sales are not permitted through this channel.
  15. The O2 affiliate programme has the right to suspend any partner who is deemed to be contravening any of the programme T&Cs with immediate effect. The O2 affiliate programme also retains the right to serve notice to partners within 7 days for any reason.
  16. The O2 brand is authorised for use solely on the URLs submitted for approval when applying for the programme and that subsequent URLs should be submitted to Telefonica before featuring the O2 brand on them. 
  17. Any advertising by affiliates on 3rd party websites or platforms, in press or on television must not feature O2 without express written permission from Telefonica. This includes the use of retargeting campaigns, which should not feature O2 without written permission.
  18. O2 will not be awarding commission on the followin handsets:iPhone 12 Pro 5G, iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G and iPhone 12 mini 5G.