We build simple and secure bank payment solutions, to set businesses free from the frustrations and cost of outdated payment methods.75,000+ businesses of all sizes, globally, trust us to power their payments – including Tripadvisor, DocuSign, and more.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Publisher Terms

  • Publishers who apply to the program will be reviewed before they are accepted. 
  • Only publishers who are aligned with the GoCardless audience and share our values will be accepted.
  • Publishers must not present themself as GoCardless, it must be clear this is a partnership.
  • Publishers are not permitted to promote GoCardless on any sites not visible on their initial application.
  • No sites that are not live or are under construction will be accepted
  • Use of any of our trademarks, or other trade or brand names, as part of the domain or subdomain for your Material is strictly prohibited.
  • Any content being produced for promotion of GoCardless, must be approved and signed off by GoCardless before going live.
  • Please do not hard code your promotional banners, please link the ones provided on AWIN. This way they will update automatically when changed.
  • GoCardless reserves the right to end this agreement with immediate effect if any of these terms are deemed to have been breached.

Commission Terms

  • Commissions will only be paid out on verified leads as follows:
    • Completed application = £5
    • Active customer bonus = £90
  • Only legitimate sign ups will be rewarded, sign ups will be monitored closely and any sign ups deemed to be illegitimate or fraudulent will be declined and consistently fraudulent sign ups will lead to removal from the affiliate program.
  • The bonus payment will only be paid if the sign up becomes an active user of GoCardless. This is defined as the point in which a sign up has completed 6 payment actions. A payment action is either getting a customer to set up a bank debit mandate, or collecting a payment. Any combination of these actions – as long as they total six – is how we classify a user as “active”.
  • It typically takes 14-90 days for a sign up to become active, but this can take longer.
  • Sign ups and activations are tracked and validated by GoCardless and Awin. For every commission you earn there’s a 30-day validation period, after which you’ll be paid out in Awin’s next payment run.

PPC Terms

  • PPC activity can only be undertaken with the approval of GoCardless and cannot be carried out without consultation with the affiliate management conditions content