We build simple and secure bank payment solutions, to set businesses free from the frustrations and cost of outdated payment methods.75,000+ businesses of all sizes, globally, trust us to power their payments – including Tripadvisor, DocuSign, and more.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


GoCardless UK Affiliate Programme

Hi, we’re GoCardless

We set people and businesses free from the frustrations and cost of outdated payment methods, like manual bank transfers and cards. And we’ve been doing it for over 10 years, by building simple and secure bank payment solutions.

75,000+ businesses of all sizes, around the world, trust GoCardless to power their payments. Including DocuSign, HM Government, The Guardian, Epson, Aon, and Tripadvisor.

GoCardless is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017, with registration number 597190.

The problems we’re solving

Businesses need to collect payments from their customers. And it should be simple – but the reality couldn’t be more different. Common payment methods like manual bank transfers and cards cause a lot of problems. From time wasted on unnecessary admin, to high fees, low conversion rates, high failure rates, and any number of other issues.

Why businesses choose us

GoCardless lets businesses easily collect both instant one-off payments and automated recurring payments. Direct from their customer’s bank account to theirs. Getting them paid on time, saving them time and money, helping them win and retain more customers, and stress less.

They can use GoCardless on its own, with our easy-to-use online dashboard. Or connect it up to one of 350+ other systems –  including Xero, Sage, QuickBooks, Zuora, and Salesforce – to conveniently manage everything there instead.

We also offer other products and features that makes life easier for businesses, including:

  • Intelligent retries (Success+) – Fewer GoCardless payments fail compared to card payments, but it’s not zero. Success+ is our product that automatically retries any payments that do fail, on the best day for each customer.
  • International payments – We help businesses go global with ease. They can collect payments from 30+ countries into one bank account, and settle it all in their home currency. We handle the FX automatically at the real market rate (powered by Wise).

Our affiliate programme + commission

Our goal with our affiliate programme is to gain new, active users of GoCardless. We refer to these users as ‘merchants’. There are two merchant actions we pay commission for:

  • £5 – A new merchant signs up to GoCardless. All they need to do is complete our short, quick sign-up form.
  • £90 – The merchant goes on to complete 6 payment actions in GoCardless, making them an “active” user (more info below). This typically takes 14-90 days, but can take longer.

There are two things that count as a payment action: getting a customer to set up a bank debit mandate (which allows that merchant to automate payment collection from that customer), and collecting a payment. Any combination of these actions – as long as they total six – is how we classify a user as “active”.

Sign ups and activations are tracked and validated by us and Awin. For every commission you earn there’s a 30-day validation period, after which you’ll be paid out in Awin’s next payment run. That means that any commission you earn should be paid out within 60 days of the sign up or activation occurring.


How we support you

We care about being true partners with everyone we partner with. Our dedicated affiliate team will be in touch with you every step of the way, offering:

  • An introductory call to learn more about you, go over the programme, and answer any questions you have
  • Tips on how to maximise your returns from the partnership
  • Provision of tracking links and bespoke creatives for your content
  • Quick sign-off and approval of content you’re looking to publish


Ready to get started?

Great! We look forward to speaking with you. Before you apply, though, please do take a moment to read the terms of our affiliate programme. You can find them in the next tab at the top of this page.

Any questions? We’ll be happy to answer them in our introductory call.