Your Co-op Mobile & Broadband

Your Co-op Mobile & Broadband

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Your Co-op is the only Co-op utilities provider in the UK offering; broadband and mobile services. Every month we fund projects to offset 10Kg of our broadband and mobile customers' carbon footprint.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Commission Payments

Your Co-op's payment scheme rewards affiliates every time a customer successfully signs up for a contract. Sales will be declined if the product is returned within 30 days and/or the Your Co-op account to which the product is registered, is in a ‘collections’ status at the point of validation. The Your Co-op programme also does not pay out commission for upgrading or existing customer purchases.

a). Affiliates may not register domains that include Your Co-op trademarks or misspellings
b). Affiliates may not use Your Co-op trademarks or misspellings in subdomains
c). Affiliates may use only the correct spelling of You Co-op in subfolders, e.g.

Creative Content
a). Affiliates are requested to use creative provided within Awin's interface without alterations
b). If you wish to develop your own creative, please contact the account management team prior to commencing work for approval and guidance
c). Affiliates are not permitted to hardcode banners. This allows Awin to automatically update creative that is taken from their interface. If the format of your site means that hardcoding is a requirement, please contact the account management team for written permission

Software Applications Artificial Traffic
a). Any affiliate operating via a software application (An application is defined as an opt-in piece of software that is downloaded and installed on a user’s machine that makes use of affiliate links) must declare this to the account management team before commencing their promotion. Affiliates may also be requested to provide details of what proportion of their traffic is driven via this software application in comparison to other means
b). Affiliates are not permitted to use any form of adware or spyware to promote Your Co-op. Any affiliate found to be doing so will be suspended immediately and permanently, with any commission payments withheld
c). Affiliates may not use artificial or forced means to drive traffic

Social Media PR
a). Affiliates promoting through social media sources such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, etc may not register usernames that contain Your Co-op trademarks or misspellings without written permission.
c). Affiliates are not permitted to feature Your Co-op in offline marketing activity or press releases without written permission.
d) Your Co-op conduct promotions via social media with selected partners, so if you are interested in promoting in this way, you must get in touch with the account management team.

Any affiliate found to be in breach of any of these terms and conditions will face commission being withheld and suspension from the programme. 

Your Co-op reserve the right to immediately suspend any affiliate driving fraudulent orders, reversing any commissions accrued conditions content.