Earn commission by becoming an affiliate of WHSmith. With over 550 stores on the high street and 490 stores at airports, train stations, hospitals and motorway services, WHSmith is one of the UK's leading retail groups and a household name.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Terms and Conditions

WHSmith Terms & Conditions

This agreement (“Programme Rules”) for the above Merchant sets out additional terms and conditions applicable to the Affiliate’s participation in the above Programme that may modify or supplement certain terms and conditions that the Affiliate has agreed to within the Affiliate Agreement. The Affiliate acknowledges that it may participate in the Programme only under the terms and conditions set forth below, and that subsequent to the Affiliate entering into the Programme Rules, the Merchant must determine whether or not to accept the Affiliate into the Programme

In consideration of the Affiliate being a member of the Programme the Affiliate agrees with and promises to abide by the following requirements. Failure of the Affiliate to so comply shall entitle the Merchant to reject or remove Affiliate from the Programme.


Definitions and Interpretation

1. These Programme Rules are supplementary to the Affiliate Agreement and unless the context otherwise requires or the words are expressly defined within the Programme Rules they shall have the meanings given to them in the Affiliate Agreement.



Commission rates are paid on the cost of the order excluding VAT and delivery.

Commission is variable based on basket value:

2% - Orders under £20

8% - Orders of £20 or more

Affiliates who have a bespoke discount code (NHS/Key Workers/Student) operate on a separate commission structure. 


Product Exclusions

WHSmith do not pay commission on the following:

• Orders where an unauthorised discount voucher code has been used – see below for more information

• Postage Stamps

• ebooks, LEGO products or Apple products

• Gift Vouchers, Gift Cards and Tokens

• Products purchased through our partner/3rd party sites


Voucher Codes

Occasionally the WHSmith Affiliate team pass on discount voucher codes to Affiliates to promote to their users and earn commission. Any orders containing voucher codes which have not been passed on by the WHSmith Affiliate Team will be declined at the point of validation. It is important that these exclusions appear as caveats in the Terms and Conditions of a cashback site.

Validation Process

The WHSmith affiliate programme tracks activity from last click through to sale. WHSmith will start the confirmation process once order lines have been despatched and the 30 day returns period has passed. Transactions are typically validated 60 days after the last day in the month, with the exception of some order lines that may be delivered outside of this time frame. Commission will be paid on validated transactions only and will only be paid on the final transaction amount, excluding VAT and delivery.

Cookie Length: click 30 days

Search policy

• Affiliates must agree not to use or promote the WHSmith brand name or any variation of it through PPC advertising, unless given prior permission. This includes Google, Yahoo, Bing and any other PPC network both in the UK and overseas

All affiliates must adhere to the below brand bidding guidelines:

• Brand terms

Affiliates will not bid/appear on any brand terms or any brand mis-spells or variations. Unless given permission by WHSmith

• Brand + product terms

All Affiliates will not bid/appear on these terms or any mis-spells. Unless given permission by WHSmith

• Generic terms

Affiliates can bid/appear on all generic terms with generic creative, but will add ‘WHSmith’ negative terms to prevent appearing against brand + products on broad match. Please note that brand terms need to be entered as a negative broad match and not simply a negative match.

For a full list of brand terms please visit the Documents section of the WHSmith Darwin profile.



Affiliate Criteria

All affiliates will be screened at the time of application. To be accepted as an affiliate onto the WHSmith affiliate programme affiliates must meet the following qualifications:

• Affiliates must direct traffic to the WHSmith site through their own website, which must have been pre-approved by WHSmith. It must also be clear that it is an affiliate site and be fully functional – sites under construction will be rejected.

•Affiliates must ensure that all copy that contains offers is up to date and in keeping with the content of the WHSmith site. By joining the WHSmith affiliate programme you comply with the following:

1. Your site does not promote sexually explicit, violent or defamatory material nor promote illegal activities

2. Your site does not promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, natural origin, physical disability, sexual orientation or age.


No other Terms and Conditions other than Affiliate Window standard network affiliate terms and conditions apply to this programme.

These affiliate terms and conditions are subject to change and must be strictly adhered to at all times. Failure to comply with any of these guidelines may result in non-payment of commission for sales and removal from the WHSmith programme.