Distil Union is an independent design studio specializing in the creation of modern lifestyle accessories that simplify your everyday life. We design product-based ecosystems that are a pleasure to use.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

As an Affiliate, you shall:

A. Ensure that all materials presented on your website(s) or in any email or other marketing communications sent by you to promote Distil Union, represents Distil Union in a professional, accurate and positive manner;
B. Not use any unsolicited or spam email to promote Distil Union;
C. Not use advertising keywords "ad words" which include Distil Union's trademarked company name ("Distil Union"), names (for example, which would include, without limitation, "Wally", "Ferris", "MagLock" and "Stanley") or other Distil Union's trademarks or copyrighted material in any search engine advertising or otherwise in the promotion of your website(s);
D. Provide your own original website copy, images and navigation to promote Distil Union on your website(s) or in any email or other marketing communications and not directly copy the Distil Union website;
E. As a sales agent of Distil Union, follow all direction from Distil Union as to the sales price and recommended retail price of the item, as may be communicated from time to time;
F. Keep up-to-date all information on your website(s) and in all direct marketing communications pertaining to products of Distil Union;
G. Ensure that your website(s) is regularly maintained with up to date and relevant information and that any direct marketing communications used to promote Distil Union or its contain up to date information; and
H. Not endorse Distil Union on any website or in any marketing materials or communications which:
i. are designed to distribute or promote spyware, adware, trojans, spybots or keyloggers;
ii. contain misleading or deceptive marketing activities;
iii. involve or promote violence;
iv. discriminate against people based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age;
v. are in any way involved in illegal activities;
vi. violate the intellectual property rights of Distil Union or a third party;
vii. do not have or do not link to a clearly stated online privacy policy; and/or
viii. contain any offensive or inappropriate content or is otherwise involved in any matter considered to be offensive or inappropriate by Distil Union.