Coquedetelephone.fr propose une large gamme d'étuis pour téléphones portables, de sacoches pour tablettes et d'accessoires pour téléphones portables, tous très tendance et élégants.


Période d'attribution (durée du cookie)

30 Jours


Below is a complete overview of the guidelines and conditions for participation in the affiliate program of Ploonk FR.


Purchasing keywords in networks and search engines is only allowed:

When the advertisement links to your own website/intermediate page (no automatic interstitial or redirects).

If the necessary negative keywords have been entered in order to exclude the situations below.

Not allowed:

Bid on brands of Ploonk.fr, relatives or misspellings thereof, for example: Plonk.fr, Ploon.fr, Plook.fr.

If keyword buying is used, the correct negative keywords must be included. It is not allowed that advertisements from publishers are shown for search terms that contain the advertiser's trademarks. (for example Ploonk.fr, Selencia, Accezz).

This concerns the exact brand (e.g. Ploonk.fr, Selencia, Accezz), misspellings of the brand (e.g. Plonk.fr, Ploon.fr, Plook.fr, Acezz, Accez, iMoshon, iMoshoin, Selenzia, Selensia, Salencia) and brand names in combination with other words (for example Ploonk.fr iPhone X case, Selencia Samsung Galaxy Note 9 case, Accezz USB cable).

Use of Ploonk.fr brand names or combinations thereof, related/misspellings in advertisement text and/or visible URL in the form of domain or subdomain (Ploonkfr.mydomain.de is therefore not allowed, mydomain.de/Ploonkfr is allowed).

Advertising of Ploonk.fr products via the CSS module of and on the Google Shopping platform.


Email marketing is only allowed within the affiliate program of Ploonk.fr with exceptional permission from Ploonk.fr and subject to a number of conditions:

The Publisher must be demonstrably compliant with the provisions of all relevant legislation and regulations;

Only email addresses obtained through a double opt-in and compliant according to (among other things) relevant regulations may be used;

The publisher must adhere to the rules of conduct established by Awin in the Awin Code of Conduct. Awin must be in possession of a signed version of the Awin Code of Conduct so that it is transferable at all times at request.

The name Ploonk.fr and the aforementioned brand names may not be used in the sender of e-mails;

Publishers are not allowed to impersonate an official representation of Ploonk.fr in the promotion via email;

The Publisher is responsible for any consequences imposed if it is or has been guilty of sending spam or sending e-mails that are in any way not compliant with the above legislation, codes of conduct and/or guidelines;

It is necessary that all e-mails/newsletters to be sent are submitted in advance to Ploonk.fr for approval via the E-mail Approval Tool, so that written permission can be given by Ploonk.fr prior to sending the e-mail/newsletter. This includes all e-mail communications, newsletters, self-developed texts, images, logos and trademark material.

Sending e-mail batches is only allowed in consultation (see also previous point) with Ploonk.fr. It must be indicated on which dates it is intended to send the e-mails, stating the expected number of e-mails per sending moment.


Not allowed:

Registering domain names that resemble, are related to or are a misspelling of the advertiser's trademark; for example Plonk.fr, Ploon.fr, Plook.fr, www.acezz.de, www.accez.de or www.selenzia.de, www.selensia.de.

Registering domain names that resemble, are related to or are a misspelling of Ploonk.fr's products and services, for example www.ploonk-accessory.fr.

Using subdomains similar to, related to or misspelling the Ploonk.fr brand or related products and services. For example http://Ploonkfr.mydomain.de or http://phoneaccessories-Ploonk.mydomain.fr.


Using directories (mydomain.de/directory) that contain the Ploonk.fr brand or Ploonk.fr services provided that the spelling is correct. For example http://www.mydomain.de/Ploonkfr-phoneaccessories.



Indicate that Ploonk.fr does not own the account and is not responsible for the information on the respective page or profile.

Not allowed:

Publishers are not allowed to pretend to be an official representative of Ploonk.fr in their promotion.

Promotions must link to your own website or intermediate page; no direct links to the Ploonk.fr website.

Publishers who use promotional activities via social media sources such as Twitter, Youtube or Facebook are not allowed to register usernames containing trademarks of Ploonk.fr without prior written permission.

It is not allowed to use offline marketing activities or press releases in the name of Ploonk.fr without prior written permission from Ploonk.fr.

Use of logos or trademark material in account/profile (at social media sites) is not allowed.

The website of Ploonk.fr may not be loaded in an iframe within social media apps, pages or profiles.


Acting as an intermediary (for own account, not as Ploonk.fr) in accordance with the rules that apply to this as drawn up by the AFM and regular legislation. Offering the Ploonk.fr proposition is therefore only allowed within the legal frameworks that apply to the relevant publisher; consequences for violations are at the expense of the publisher. The Publisher must therefore act in accordance with the AFM rules and may under no circumstances link directly. In case of doubt, it is wise to contact the AFM or Ploonk.fr (via affiliate@smartphonehoesjes.nl).

Use of (social) media for traffic to your own website.

Refer to the official Ploonk.fr accounts to increase customer relevance.


Coupon or discount code websites are allowed within the affiliate program of Ploonk.fr provided that only discount codes are used that:

are distributed through the media channels of Ploonk.fr. Excluded are exclusive discount codes that are made available to newsletter members.

exclusively for the publisher who distributes this discount code, was created by Ploonk.fr.

It is NOT allowed to distribute discount codes that deviate from the above two points (including discount codes that have been created exclusively for third parties). If in doubt about whether or not a discount code may be distributed, the publisher should always first contact affiliate@smartphonehoesjes.nl. Distribution of the discount code is only allowed after obtaining permission from Ploonk.fr. If a publisher violates the above rules, Ploonk.fr has the right to reject all pending transactions from this publisher, to immediately suspend the respective publisher and to deny access to the affiliate program.


The following sites are emphatically not allowed within the Ploonk.fr affiliate program:

Sites of a pornographic or violent nature;

Sites that include or promote illegal activities;

Sites that are discriminatory or offensive;

Sites that infringe copyrights;

Harm the name and reputation of Ploonk.fr.


See explanation regarding the topics direct linking, pop-ups, pop-under and cloaking below:

Direct linking through pop-ups, pop-unders, etc. is not allowed. Other forms of "cookie dropping" are also not allowed;

It is also not allowed to use applications or toolbars in promotions, whether or not to influence the last cookie;

Cloaking links or faking the referrer is expressly not allowed. It must be clear at all times what the source of the traffic is.


Cashback websites are possible under strict conditions:

It should be obvious that the compensation is not given by Ploonk.fr.

It must be clearly stated that the compensation is provided by the Publisher.

Ploonk.fr has no influence on this fee and cannot change it.

Reimbursements must be stated in points or forms other than Euros.

Reimbursements must always be agreed and approved in advance by Ploonk.fr via affiliate@smartphonehoesjes.nl.


Ploonk.fr uses a 'basket freeze'. The source that ensures that (1) a consumer ends up on the webshop of www.Ploonk.fr and (2) of which the same consumer also adds a product to the shopping cart in that session, is considered the directly responsible source for the generation of the transaction.

The moment a product is added to the cart, this resource is temporarily pinned. If, after filling the shopping cart, a consumer searches for a discount and comes back to the Ploonk.fr webshop via a third source, the first source remains responsible for generating the transaction. As soon as this 'directly responsible source' concerns a publisher and the consumer completes the order, the compensation is definitively allocated to this publisher on the thank you page.


The right remains to exclude publishers without giving any reason and/or reject sales if:

there is uncertainty about the source of the traffic;

sales are realized for which no publisher ID and/or transaction ID is known;

the stated conditions are not complied with.

Publishers are solely responsible for keeping the promotional material on their media up-to-date. Any discontinued promotions must be removed by the publisher or replaced with newly available material.