Sports nutrition brand Grenade aim to inspire people to get more out of life, whatever their fitness goals. Grenade are all about choice and have an award-winning, innovative product offering, including their best-selling Carb Killa high protein bars.


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30 Days


Terms and Conditions: Brand Guidelines

1. Before joining the Affiliate Program, please ensure your website does not display or sell advertising on any website that contravenes any law or regulation governing false or deceptive advertising
2. Grenade (UK) Limitied is the exclusive licensee of the Grenade®, Carb Killa®, Thermo Detonator® trademark and get-up
3. The contents of Grenade literature and all websites owned by Grenade, are protected by the law relating to trademark and copyright. Affiliates must not directly or indirectly bid on the Word Mark 'grenade' or derivatives or confusingly similar words
4. No Doorway pages to be built around searches for Grenade
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6. Must be able to navigate using the browsers back button. Any cancelled orders will not be validated.