TJC offers high quality jewellery for the discerning customer at bargain discount prices with thousands of quality items at a fraction of normal price.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


The TJC Affiliate Program welcomes applications from PPC affiliates. However all affiliates must adhere to our PPC policy

  • No bidding on brand terms, or on misspellings.
  • This includes both the brand term and URLs containing the brand term
  • You can use TJC in the title or the body copy of your PPC ads
  • You cannot use or display our URL in your PPC ads
  • You are not permitted to link directly to our site with any PPC ads
  • You are not permitted to redirect to send the customer directly to TJC via PPC ads
  • No typo squatting allowed

Discount Codes and Offers

TJC does NOT supply any discount codes to the affiliate channel except on rare occasions. Any affiliate displaying a code which is not specifically supplied directly shall have their affiliate partnership terminated and any sales made using these unauthorised codes shall be commission reversed.

TJC does supply codes and offers sites with product or range specific promotions with heavy discounts built into cart. Codes and offers sites are authorised to promote these time limited promotions.