Prosoria & Nuvothera (US)

Prosoria & Nuvothera (US)

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Prosoria combines clinical strength natural pro-botanical ingredients that help target psoriasis symptoms. Nuvothera Super-Micronized Turmeric Curcumin is a revolutionary maximum potency turmeric supplement.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


The agreement provided below is used to set forth the terms and conditions between “You,” the affiliate and “We,”Prosoria. By joining our affiliate program, you agree that you will comply with all conditions outlined below. Any breach of these terms and conditions may result in removal from the program or/and commissions being declined.


PPC Policy

Affiliates must not:

1)      Purchase or license any domain names similar to

2)      Bid on the “” keyword, or any of its misspellings on any search engines that operate web services.

3)      Use the keyword “” to perform search activity across any search engine that operates web services.

4)      Use the term “” or its derivatives in the affiliate’ ad text for driving traffic from competitor’s brand terms to site or the affiliate’s sites.

5)      Drive paid or unpaid traffic from search engines directly to “” pages. Affiliates have to use their own sites for traffic from search engines.

6)      Please exclude "" from remarketing efforts.

Email Policy

Affiliates are not permitted to send any unsolicited email (spam) under this affiliate program. If you wish to send out an email campaign on behalf of Prosoria, you must seek approval from the Advertiser.

Copy and Creatives

Affiliates should only use creatives provided by the Advertiser or supplied through Awin on our behalf. Any creative obtained through these channels must not be edited or modified unless expressed consent from the Advertiser.