Prosoria & Nuvothera (US)

Prosoria & Nuvothera (US)

ID | 23403


Prosoria combines clinical strength natural pro-botanical ingredients that help target psoriasis symptoms. Nuvothera Super-Micronized Turmeric Curcumin is a revolutionary maximum potency turmeric supplement.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Prosoria Brand Guidelines Include:

  • Brand bidding along with permutations is not permitted on any search engine.

  • Affiliates may not use “TM” or “official” in advertisements.

  • Affiliates may not use the brand “Prosoria” or any permutation of it in your URLs.

  • Affiliates may not direct link to Prosoria website, if using PPC.

  • Affiliates must use Creative assets provided in the AWIN affiliate program admin. Creative assets and user generated content not found in the program must be approved by Prosoria.

  • The look and feel of webpages must be unique and not mimic Prosoria web properties to prevent confusion to the visitor.

  • The Affiliate cannot own a domain which includes "Prosoria" trademark or registered trademark. 

Please reach out to the Prosoria affiliate management team for questions about brand guidelines or custom creative assets requests.