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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

The standard commission is 6% on all sales. However, the merchant reserves the right to increase or decrease this affiliate commission at any time after notifying the network or the merchant himself.

The sales validation period is a maximum of 60 days for gift card purchases, all other sales are validated within 30 days of consumption.

Affiliates are only allowed to use merchant approved copy. Approved copywriting can be found in the Affiliate Resources section. In addition, partners can request custom text from the dealer or submit their own copy for the dealer to review prior to use.

Affiliates who have chosen to use their own advertising copy must agree to change or remove this copy within 7 days of being requested by the merchant. If this request is not followed, an affiliate can be excluded from the affiliate program. Affiliate emails are allowed, but all advertising copy must be submitted to and approved by the merchant before being sent.

Affiliates can "deeplink" any page on the merchant's website. The following terms apply to affiliates wishing to engage in PPC activities: No PPC activity is allowed without the prior consent of the merchant.

Merchant reserves the right to remove duplicate sales from publishers through other advertising channels, including PPC, email and display advertising, direct and affinity partnerships, and other affiliate networks as appropriate, if necessary.

Contact us for clarification on the possible channels specifically related to this program.