Custom Controllers are the lead provider's of customised controllers for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo in the UK and Europe.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


CCUK Affiliate Programme Terms

No Affiliate may bid on our brand name or any derivation or misspelling of the brand name, Affiliates which do not comply to this policy will be removed from the program.

Affiliates must add the following keywords as negative broad match to any and all Paid Search activity:

·         CCUK

·         Custom Controllers

Unless prior written consent is granted, affiliates are not permitted to bid, or appear, on hybrid brand searches.


{“CCUK + offer)”, “CCUK + discount”, “Custom Controllers + discount”, “Custom Controllers + Offer”}

Affiliates are also not permitted to use the Custom controllers url as their landing page, an alternative url or landing page must be used.

Affiliate cannot send PPC traffic to any pages of the site directly

Voucher codes:

CCUK encourages affiliates to contact us for exclusive voucher/discount codes and additional incentives. Affiliates are only permitted to promote codes issued specifically to them. CCUK  reserves the right to decline commission related to voucher abuse. Any unauthorised vouchercodes or offers that are promoted and/or used will result in commission not being paid.


Please note that commission will be paid upon validating the receipt of devices. Any cancelled or returned devices do not qualify for commission.