The Oodie is Australia’s most popular wearable blanket and we want you to join our exciting and high commission program to get more Aussie’s into their next favourite piece of clothing!


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


All partners are encouraged and expected to read and adhere to the terms and conditions below.


For questions on these terms, please speak to - or 

a relevant account contact.



All partners must be contactable within a reasonable amount of time and provide an email address to contact them.

All partners agree to consult with the brand(s) on at least a fortnightly basis to improve the relationship and their performance.



It is agreed that before publishing, marketing activity will be sent to the relevant Account Manager for approval.



Partners agree to present the brand(s) in the same manner the brand(s) they present themself(s).

Partners will take reasonable care to use up to date images, ad-copy and offers in their marketing.


Paid Search Policy:

No partner should run a paid search campaign using the brand(s) terms without written consent.


Comparison Shopping Services:

No partner should run a CSS campaign using the brand(s) terms without written consent.



No partner should run a display campaign using the brand(s) terms without written consent.


Social Media:

No partner should run a social media campaign using the brand(s) terms without written consent.


Voucher Codes, Sales and Offers:

Partners should only promote voucher codes, sales and offers communicated by an Account Manager. 


Lead Generation:

Where Lead Generation is applicable, partners agree that leads will be qualified and declined a payment where they are: spam, not contactable after five tries, duplicates, tests and fraudulent. 



Where the brand(s) are in a regulated industry, partners agree to adhere to the relevant regulations. And to take reasonable care in ensuring their marketing is compliant.



Where the brand(s) judge a breach of the terms is severe enough. And in consultation with an independent third party where available such as an Affiliate Network representative. Partner commissions can be refused (declined) for transactions relevant to the breach. 


Validation and Payment of Commission:

Commissions are payable on genuine transactions and leads. The brand(s) will validate transactions and leads to gauge if they are real.