The Oodie is Australia’s most popular wearable blanket and we want you to join our exciting and high commission program to get more Aussie’s into their next favourite piece of clothing!


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


All Affiliates that work on this program are assumed to have read and understood the terms and conditions.

1. No promotion of the brand should be created without prior sign off from the brand.

2. All partners are expected to make contact to discuss performance and optimisation at least once per week.

3. Partners are expected to engage and share short and long term media opportunities that can aide the brand in growing sales through them.

4. Partners accept that any breach in the terms and conditions can result in a suspension.

5. Partners should not use any sort of robot, automated tool or spam bot to promote the brand in any way shape of form.

6. Partners must respect brand integrity and display the brand is a positive and favourable way at all times, images should be clear, ad copy should be spelt correctly and make sense and any images or ad copy should be sent for approval before being published.

7. Partners must only promote offers that are communicated by the team, offers on other channels such as social media should not ever be promoted.

8. Partners with automated tools to display offers or that allow community submitted offers must ensure the offers are aligned to offers communicated to affiliates only, offers from other channels or sources are not allowed and must be removed.

9. Partners must evidence media negotiated for a CPA increase of fixed fee. 

10. Partners cannot bid on any PPC terms or run activity through other channels without prior consent.

11. Fraudulent sales will be declined and no commission paid.

12. Partners must without at least 30 days of joining the program begin to promote the brand.