Alexandra Sports are a running & fitness specialist retailer who pride themselves on customer service, expert knowledge and offering running services that are unrivalled within the industry.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


General T&C's

Search Term Restrictions

PPC search activity and brand name bidding is prohibitted.

This includes but not limited to PPC, Adwords, Content and social networks, adsense, display and shopping.

You agree not to modify and creative mediums, promotions or offers made by Alexandra Sports made available directly through AWIN. Any self-designed creatives may be used, but must be of a high-quality, professional standard. In the event you are found to be using creatives against these conditions, you may be suspended from our directory.

The following keywords are cannot be referenced in any pai search advertsiing that may compete with inhouse paid search strategies. 

Negative keyword list:

  • Alexandra Sports
  • Alexandrasports
  • Alexander Sports
  • Running shoes Portsmouth
  • Running Shoes Winchester
  • Running Shoes Christchurch
  • Running Shoes Hampshire


There should be no misspellings of Brands names, descriptions or titles within any paid search strategy.

Ad Copy:

Publishers are not permitted to use Alexandra Sports within any paid search activity.

Copy such as "Alexandra Sports Discount Codes" is strictly forbidden and could result in suspension from our program.

Copy can be taken from unless otherwise agreed with us directly.