Alexandra Sports are a running & fitness specialist retailer who pride themselves on customer service, expert knowledge and offering running services that are unrivalled within the industry.


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30 Days


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What promotional types of publisher are allowed to work on your programme?
ContentGoogle Shopping Terms - Affiliate partners are NOT to promote using the keyword "alexandrasports" or " alexandra sports" on Google Shopping or PPC search engines
Discount CodeCommision on Voucher sites are subject to change.
SearchNO BRAND TERM BASED PPC Affiliates are not permitted to bid on terms Alexandrasports and Alexandra Sports. These terms should be added as negatives for any ppc campaigns on any search engines.
Behavioural Retargeting
Media Brokers
Are there any other restrictions that publishers need to consider? For example promoting adult content or age restricted products.We do not accept extension or software affiliates on to our program. We will not accept any inappropriate, sexually explicit or violent or abusive content.