Station Casinos is the leading provider of entertainment in Las Vegas. Station's properties are regional entertainment destinations and include various amenities, including numerous restaurants, entertainment venues, movie theaters and more.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Please see tabs for details.


1) STATION CASINOS presence in Toolbars is NOT PERMITTED. A Toolbar is defined as a free or paid widget that a consumer installs on their computer and lives on their desktop and/or within the browser of their choice.

2) If your site(s) does utilize a toolbar, it is required that you disclose this immediately to CHATEAU 20.

3) Affiliates must opt out all STATION CASINOS properties (Palms Hotel & Palms Place) of any toolbar functionality. This includes any variations or combinations of a toolbar's components, including, but not limited to: automatic redirect, search mechanism that allows consumers to search directly from the toolbar, deal alerts inside the toolbar. If opt out of any or all features is not possible, this must be disclosed immediately to CHATEAU 20.

4) Commissions will not be paid on sales resulting from a toolbar action. This will be determined by the following: (a) Any qualified stay that results from NO referring URL and the sale cannot be tracked back to a page on the Affiliate website(s) or eblast (b) Any qualified stay that results from a referring URL showing a STATION CASINOS domain (c) Any qualified stay that results from a referring URL with the word "toolbar" included.

Updated: May 2017