The Belfry is a world-class award-winning luxury hotel & resort, from iconic golf, restaurants, stunning rooms and a relaxing spa. The Belfry affiliate program offers a default commission of 6% on all valid bookings.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

We want to set realistic expectations for our affiliate partners and are entirely transparent on the restrictions in place.

Some affiliates gain traffic using pay-per-click advertising through search engines. These affiliates are welcome on The Belfry's program, providing they adhere to the Terms and Conditions set out below. The Belfry also runs PPC campaigns and consequently, we've set up guidelines to ensure that we're not bidding against the same keywords. As such, the following terms apply:

1. Generic keywords: The Belfry affiliates are welcome to bid on generic keywords.

2. Using The Belfry brand in PPC ads: You may not refer to The Belfry in the title or body of your advertising.

3. Direct linking: Direct linking to is strictly forbidden, as is the use of URL redirection to The Belfry's site.

4. Brand bidding: Brand bidding is prohibited. This includes misspellings and variations of The Belfry 

5. Transaction Queries. All TQs raised by affiliates must have accompanied stay date and booking reference attached as standard in order to be processed. Any TQ submitted without this data will not be rewarded any commission

Please note that these guidelines are published to ensure that there is complete clarity as to the activity permitted on The Belfry program.  We are always on hand to answer any questions, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if anything is unclear.

We gladly accept all affiliate promotional types onto the programme.

Please also be aware that The Belfry policy is to withhold the commission if any affiliate contravenes these rules. Any partner that repeatedly breaks the rules will be removed from the programme.

For further information concerning the above points please contact