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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Ecig Vapers, Vapoholic, and its brands including products must not be altered, re-coloured or changed in any shape or form. You must ensure that the all media provided is used to show the brands in the best light possible. All own creative work must be approved prior to publishing by Ecig Vapers and Ecig Vapers reserves the right to withhold commission payments to any affiliate found to be in breach of these terms.

All usage of Ecig Vapers media assets are available to use below if the following brand guidelines are met and you are an approved affiliate of Ecig Vapers.

Once the affiliation with Ecig Vapers has ended, you no longer have the right to use any media asset, nor use any mention of Ecig Vapers or its brands in any further marketing or sales efforts.

The Ecig Vapers logo and assets

Ecig Vapers Ltd is a wholesale company that manufacturers e-liquids within the United Kingdom with clients worldwide. You must not reference or use any Ecig Vapers branding within any marketing copy or material to help support any sales channels you may use.

The Vapoholic logo and assets

Vapoholic is the name for all online ecommerce channels of business that falls within the Business to Consumer market. You may use the following logos ensuring that these are used adhering the brand guidelines set out below.

Vapoholic Yellow and grey logo

This must never be used on any background apart from white and must have adequate resolution so that it is not distorted or pixelated.

Vapoholic yellow and white logo

This must never be on a white, yellow, green, or red background. Any other colour is fine as long as it shows the brand in a good light and must have adequate resolution so that it is not distorted or pixelated.

Vapoholic Brands and Products

Vapoholic produces new brands frequently, these brands must be set on a white background or any background that we provide within our media assets and must have adequate resolution so that it is not distorted or pixelated.

General Guidance

You must not affiliate Ecig Vapers or any of its branding with any other company, person, or entity without our prior written consent.

You must not imply or use any marketing strategy that cheapens, misuses information, or varies from Ecig Vapers core message or marketing strategy.

Ecig Vapers strives to protect it's brand identities however we understand that brand guidelines must be altered to fit certain marketing strategies or limitations. If at any time you need further guidance on anything of the above or with projects that fall outside of these terms, contact Ecig Vapers at the first instance for further instructions.