We’re Itch. The Pet Wellness Experts. We’re here to keep pets healthy, happy and always full of beans (not literally though, imagine the guffs).


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days



Guidelines for approval to the programme

Thanks so much for your interest in the Itch Pet Progamme. Please do apply to join - we'd love to have you on-board :-)

Before you're able to participate, we'll need to approve your site...

What we're looking for:

  • Sites that are easy on the eye,  well written and easily understood.
  • We're particularly keen to work with websites that are in keeping with the Itch Pet brand - full of passion, personality and happiness!
  • Sites that are well maintained, updated regularly and rigorous with rules and best practice.

These guidelines are general and we reserve the right to make exceptions. We will cease to work with sites who do not adhere to our programme terms and affiliate best practice.

PPC/Keyword Policy:

The program has a restricted keyword policy. Affiliates are not allowed to bid/appear on brand related keywords (Itch Pet, Itch, Itch Pet Vouchers) or any variations of the term including the URL in all search engines.

Email Affiliates:

Itch Pet wishes to work with email affiliates on their campaign. Any email creative designed by an affiliate must be signed off by Itch Pet.


Affiliates are not permitted to hard copy creative or logos. Please use the creative available within the Awin interface.

Exclusive Voucher Codes:

Voucher codes offered to particular affiliates on an exclusive basis cannot be taken from their website and put on your own. If a commission comes through that has used the exclusive voucher code that was not permitted to you, payment will be declined. 


There are two commission models for Itch; subscription commission and a sale through the Itch shop. Subscription sales will receive £6 for every customer signed up, once they stay beyond the first month free trial. Shop sales will get a 5% commission of the total basket value.