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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


The following terms and conditions apply to all affiliates working with Hello Molly except in instances where express written consent of an alternative agreement is given by Hello Molly. Any departure or violation of these terms will subject the affiliate to immediate removal from the program pending further investigation. In the interest of transparency and coordination, Hello Molly will endeavor to share any information that adversely affects any affiliate and respond in a timely manner.

Affiliate Approval Process

Following an expression of interest, affiliate sites will be vetted by Hello Molly’s internal team in accordance with policies and brand guidelines. Generally speaking, this will be within three working days or less but may extend longer depending on the circumstances.


Hello Molly’s commissions are broken into two groups, new and existing customers. New users will attract a commission rate of 8%, whereas existing users are assigned a rate of 5%. These groups will be based on historical transactions, not session traffic.

Commissions will exclude VAT and delivery charges. Commissions will not be granted on gift card categories. Should an order be cancelled, returned, have products out of stock, or have issues arise with the customer that nullify the order, Hello Molly reserves the right to decline commissions. Hello Molly also reserves the right to decline commissions on cases not listed here if a transaction violates our policies, as determined by us at our sole discretion. Transactions will be validated on a 45 day basis to account for return windows and shipping times.

Discount Codes

All coupon codes must be supplied directly through Hello Molly. Authorized use, specific to the affiliate, must be granted by Hello Molly. This means that:

1) If a coupon code is shared, through any means, to another domain or affiliate without the express permission of Hello Molly, the affiliate will not be eligible for commissions on transactions obtained externally to the affiliate through these coupon codes.

2) Affiliates may not use or advertise coupon codes that were not expressly given to the affiliate and were intended for use by another affiliate or program. This will result in forfeited commissions on transactions made with these codes.

However, affiliates may use or share coupon codes that are widely distrbuted. To determine if the coupon code in question is an exclusive coupon code, please contact us. When a code is provided to an affiliate, Hello Molly will always communicate what kind of code it is and its intended use.

Affiliates must clearly display the terms and conditions of the coupon code and, if applicable, outline:

1) Category exclusions

2) Expiry dates

Codes that have expired will need to be removed or otherwise explicitly marked as expired.

Tracking and Links

There are several variations of links to category and product pages. In order to avoid errors and ensure that customers get the correct experience every time, all affiliates should test and, at least in the beginning, confirm with the Hello Molly team if the appropriate links are being used.

Product Feed

Hello Molly’s product feed is updated daily and will contain the most recent pricing information. Affiliates may reliably use information from the product feed to run promotions.


All affiliates are encouraged to adhere to the most recent creative provided through the interface. These will be updated regularly, so it is imperative that no edits are made or hardcoded into websites.

Marketing Activity

PPC - Unless express permission is granted by Hello Molly, affiliates are not allowed to engage in SEM activity. This includes Google Shopping and Bing Shopping. Any bidding on any variation of Hello Molly brand terms is not permitted. Affiliates are also not authorized to run any display or retargeting campaigns.

Email - Campaigns containing any Hello Molly creative assets will require approval from the Hello Molly team. It is important that Hello Molly is notified of any intentions of running an email campaign so that we may collaborate with our affiliates to deliver strong and consistent brand messaging in accordance with our policies.

These program terms are subject to change according to business needs. Should any of these policies do so, our affiliates will be notified in advance.