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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

PPC Policy: Unless specifically agreed in writing with, Affiliates must not:

i) purchase, license or operate any domain name which is confusingly similar to '';

ii) bid on the 'TruffleShuffle', 'Truffle Shuffle', 'Shuffle Truffle', 'ShuffleTruffle', '’ or ‘' keyword, or any of its misspellings, on any of the search engines that currently operate web services

iii) use the keyword '' or ‘’ to perform paid search activity across any search engines that operates web services and to that effect, Affiliates must add 'TruffleShuffle', 'Truffle Shuffle', '' and ‘’ keyword and its derivatives as above as negative matches to their PPC campaigns.

iv) use the term or its derivatives in the Affiliate's ad text for driving traffic from's competitors' brand terms to's site nor the affiliate's sites.

v) drive paid or unpaid traffic from search engines directly to pages or the site overall. The affiliate has to use their own sites for traffic from search engines.

For the avoidance of doubt, the above restrictions or the specific terms of agreement regarding authorised PPC activity shall supersede any conflicting provision that may be found in any section of this Agreement. These rules are effective immediately and should the Affiliate not comply they will be banned from the affiliate programme with immediate effect.

Discount Voucher promotions are strictly banned from the TruffleShuffle affiliate programme. Any affiliate displaying any form of voucher code/discount coupon without prior authorization will be suspended. Any affiliate found promoting an affiliate issued voucher code that clearly has been taken from another affiliates site either directly or indirectly (members posting voucher codes in a public area such as on websites and or forums) will be suspended from the affiliate program and commissions will be removed.