Dulux is the UK’s leading paint brand, with a wealth of products and services designed to help you find the colours that you’ll love in your home, and give you the expert knowledge you’ll need to achieve great results.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

  • Graphical or textual images supplied by the Advertiser or AWIN (on behalf of the Advertiser) must not be modified or distorted in any way.
  • Alt/title text or tags must relate to the image and brand and not be misleading.
  • Do not write the brand names all in upper case or all in  lower case for example,  DULUX or dulux.
  • The primary full-colour version of the logo is used on a Dulux Blue background
  • The logo exclusion zone is measured by the height of the Figure in the logo away from the perimeter of the logo.The Figure should be rotated 90° around the perimeter as a consistent measure.
  • If the Dulux dog is used in photography and in a moving image and must always be shown in context and never as a cut-out. The Dulux dog should not be used as an icon or graphic.
  • If unsure about the use of ICI brand trademarks (graphical or text), please contact the Programme account manager.
  • General Terms & Conditions apply.