Morningstar, Inc. (US)

Morningstar, Inc. (US)

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Morningstar Investor equips you with expert insights and tools for informed financial decisions. Navigate the investment world with confidence, optimize your portfolio, and achieve your long-term goals with our actionable insights and powerful tools.


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Morningstar, Inc. (US) Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Morningstar Investor Affiliate Program

Join Us and Empower Your Audience with Premier Investment Insights

As part of the Morningstar Investor Affiliate Program, you're not just joining an affiliate initiative—you're empowering your audience with first-class investment knowledge, designed to demystify the financial world and guide users to make informed decisions. Partner with us to offer your audience a clear path through the often complex financial landscape.

What We Offer to Our Affiliates:

Attractive Commission Structure: Earn competitive commissions with a program where nearly 60% of all trial users convert into full members—highlighting the compelling value and trust in the Morningstar Investor platform. (12% Default Commission)

Exclusive Discounts for Your Audience:

  • Affiliate Exclusive: New members enjoy $50 off an annual subscription.
  • Student Discount: Access one year of Morningstar Investor for just $25 (verification required).
  • Teacher Discount: Special rate of $99 for one year (verification required).
  • Military Discount: New members can get $75 off their first year, paying only $175 (verification required).

Why Partner with Morningstar Investor?

At Morningstar Investor, we understand the financial world can often seem like an intricate maze. That's why we have developed a platform where clarity meets innovation, guiding our users through their investment journey with confidence. By joining the Morningstar Investor Affiliate Program, you are not just participating in an affiliate program—you are choosing to empower your audience with top-tier investment knowledge that illuminates the path to informed decision-making.

Unparalleled Expertise: Our commitment to independence sets us apart. Morningstar Investor is fortified by a dedicated team of independent analysts who provide unbiased, data-driven insights—free from third-party influences.

Comprehensive Analysis Tools: We equip investors with professional-grade tools including portfolio management, X-ray analysis, and stock intersection capabilities. These tools help investors achieve a holistic understanding of their investments, uncovering deep insights into portfolio performance, asset allocation, fees, and potential risks.

Personalized Investment Insights: With Morningstar Investor, personalization is key. We bring users rich – and personalized – context to their investment decisions by surfacing analysis, commentary, and news specific to their holdings and preferences.

How Does Our Affiliate Program Work?

Sign Up: Register through Awin by completing our application form to become part of the Morningstar Investor Affiliate Program.

Promote: After joining, you'll receive access to tracking links and creative assets. Start promoting Morningstar Investor on your platforms—whether through blog posts, banners, social media, emails, or other channels.

Earn: Drive subscriptions and earn lucrative commissions. Your success is a testament to the quality and impact of Morningstar Investor.

Cookie Period: 30 Days 

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