Travel Insurance 4 Medical

Travel Insurance 4 Medical

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Unlike other providers, we make it easier for travel-lovers with medical conditions to get travel insurance. Help your audience spread their wings, reward your readers with voucher codes and receive generous commission on every sale.


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Travel Insurance 4 Medical Affiliate Programme

What’s in it for you? Discounts, banner ads and generous commission...

Awin is chock full of insurers that you could partner with. Why choose Travel Insurance 4 Medical? Firstly we respect the fact that you have worked hard to build your own brand. You don’t want to lose control, or agree to terms that you’re not comfortable with. That’s why we promise a flexible working relationship where you are in charge.

Not only do you get a generous commission rate of 20% on every referred sale. We can also supply you with different types of banner ads to fit the style of your platform, or any other promotional material you would like. On top of that: voucher codes. With us you have the option to give your visitors a healthy discount on our travel insurance policies.

So you can say thanks to your audience for visiting. And encourage growth too.

What about us?

By now you may want to know more about who we are. It goes without saying that you want to partner with a reputable business that’s right for your brand as well as your audience. We understand. In short: we make it easier for people living with medical conditions to get the travel insurance they need and enjoy the freedom to explore the world.  

Want to know more? See if you agree with the following.

Medical conditions are a fact of life. Everyone on the planet is affected by them - either directly or indirectly. Unfortunately getting travel insurance once you declare a medical condition can be very frustrating. If you don’t declare your medical conditions, your cover won’t be valid. But the moment you do, most insurers dramatically inflate their premiums. For serious conditions, they might turn you away altogether.

We do things differently.

TI4M was born from a family business that has been providing specialist cover for travel-lovers with medical conditions since 1973. Over the years we have developed trusted relationships with the best medical travel insurance underwriters in the business. That means we can offer competitively priced policies to travellers who have been quoted prohibitively high premiums elsewhere. In some cases we make travel possible when our customers have been unable to get a policy with other insurers. And we provide a range of options to make sure everyone receives the cover they need to travel in confidence.

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