Are your website visitors interested in cybersecurity, the EU GDPR, IT governance, or compliance? If so, you could be earning money with our Affiliate Program. We pay our affiliates 10% commission. Read below for more info:


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


IT Governance (US) Affiliate Program

Is your website frequented by users interested in the GDPR, cybersecurity, IT governance or compliance? Then why don’t you join our Affiliate Programme!

We offer commissions of up to 13% for each sale generated by your visitors. With an average 6% conversion rate and average order values surpassing £600, the potential earnings could reach up to £80 per transaction.


Why join the IT Governance US Affiliate Programme?

Boost your revenues

Effortlessly convert your existing traffic into additional income. Our Affiliate Programme offers competitive commissions, reaching up to 13%, and boasts a solid average conversion rate of 6%. This provides an opportunity to increase the value of your traffic with minimal effort.

Tailor your product selection

Explore our diverse range of products and services covering the GDPR; cybersecurity; the ISO 27001 standard; business continuity; IT governance, risk management and compliance; and more. Customise your portfolio by selecting items that align with your business objectives and cater to your audience.

Increase your authority in the marketplace

As an authorized distributor for esteemed organizations such as IBITGQ, ISACA®, BCS, BSI and ISO, IT Governance US offers a comprehensive array of training courses, publications and official standards. This affiliation can significantly enhance your offerings to website visitors.


Our products, services and target market

Our consultancy and training services, complemented by toolkits, software and essential publications, establish us as a trusted supplier for organizations globally. This presents a substantial opportunity for affiliates to generate meaningful commissions.

Our clientele extends beyond large enterprises and the public sector; we also deal with people and IT professionals seeking to enhance their skills and advance their careers through our training courses and books.

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