Are your website visitors interested in cybersecurity, the EU GDPR, IT governance, or compliance? If so, you could be earning money with our Affiliate Program. We pay our affiliates 10% commission. Read below for more info:


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


IT Governance (US) Affiliate Program

IT Governance USA is the leading global provider of books, tools, training and consultancy for cybersecurity, IT governance, risk management and compliance. Our customer base ranges from government departments and market leading organizations, to small businesses and individuals looking to further their knowledge, ability and qualifications.

Our products, services and target market

Uniquely we provide a range of professional training courses in a live online environment and the traditional classroom format. Our range of fixed price consultancy packages offer substantial benefits at a fixed cost to our customers.

Our consultancy and training offering, combined with our toolkits, software, and essential books and manuals, make us a key supplier for corporates all over the world, which in turn creates a great opportunity for affiliates to generate substantial commissions.

We don’t just sell to big business and the public sector. A significant market for us comes in the shape of individuals and IT contractors who are looking to develop their skills and further their careers through buying books and manuals from us. They buy high value training courses from us too, both classroom-based and live online.

Why join the IT Governance Affiliate Program?

  • Make money from your site by featuring content from IT Governance USA
  • Get 14% commission on sales, with an average order value of over $200 you could be earning over $20 per transaction
  • With a range of thousands of products and services you have a lot of choice in what you can advertise:
    • You can choose from higher cost/less frequently sold items and lower cost/more frequently sold items to suit you and your audience
    • Get in touch and we can help you find the right mix of content for you
  • Increase your authority in the marketplace by association with us, our products and services, and downloadable informative content
  • We make sure we hold stock of all of our products so you won’t refer someone to us and lose out on a sale due to low or no stock
  • With downloadable versions of many of our products customers can get their orders instantly and through our express delivery hard copies can be in the hands of our customers very quickly too
  • Get a list of our Top 50 Best-selling Products when you sign up as an IT Governance USA affiliate.


We know that you work hard for your commission; we are just as committed to putting in the time and effort needed to see big results for us both.

We see affiliate marketing very much as a partnership which we want to nurture and grow. We are open to ideas and are ready to try them out so if you have an idea or a plan that you think could work let us know. We know that you have lots of merchants to choose from, choose us, we work harder to get results.


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