We are PARK LiFE. We made 100% natural dog treats that are made from human grade ingredients. No Hidden Junk! We call this the "Happy Belly Promise" and is something that we never compromise on. Just Naturally Guilt-Free Dog Treats.


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30 Days


PARK LiFE Affiliate Programme

Welcome to the PARK LiFE Affiliate Programme, where we celebrate the joy of pet parenting with treats that embody our "Happy Belly Promise." Earn a generous 5% commission as you join us on this mission! Our journey began with the arrival of Penny, a beloved member of our family. Witnessing the lack of transparency in ingredients within the leading dog biscuit market, we took matters into our own hands, crafting homemade treats for Penny from scratch.

Seeing Penny's joy and well-being soar with each wholesome treat, we realised our passion for baking had the potential to become something greater. Thus, PARK LiFE was born—a family business committed to providing dogs everywhere with treats that are as pure and natural as the love we have for our furry companions.

Today, our range of delectable treats remains true to our founding principles. Each treat is crafted with care, ensuring they are Grain-Free, comprised of 100% Natural ingredients, and sourced to Human Quality standards. We proudly stand by our "Happy Belly Promise," guaranteeing that our treats contain No Hidden Junk, ever.

Now, we invite you to join us in spreading the joy of our Happy Belly Promise. Through our affiliate programme, you'll have the opportunity to share in our commitment to pet wellness while earning rewards for each satisfied wagging tail you help nourish. Join us today and let's make tails wag and bellies happy together!