At Beanies we think life is all about flavour.So we’ve made a flavour coffee to suit every moment. Because sometimes it’s a super Sticky Toffee kinda day. You name it, we’ve got the full-on, all-out flavour to go with it.


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Beanies Flavour Coffee Affiliate Programme

Beanies Flavour Coffee

Over 45 flavours of instant coffee - sugar free, low calorie, full on flavour.

Seasonal items, gifting boxes and coffee bundles.

Average order £22

No allergens

suitable for vegans.

Gluten Free


Orders over £35 for free delivery

Unique special offers available

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Well known brand stocked by UK's large retailers.


Generous Commissions: Enjoy competitive commission rates, rewarding you for every Beanies sale generated through your unique affiliate link.

Marketing Materials: Access to a wide range of eye-catching banners, product images and engaging content to effortlessly promote Beanies on your platform.