Brands Deluxe is committed to providing premium eyewear at discounted prices. We leverage our extensive network and industry expertise to secure exclusive deals and partnerships with renowned designers, allowing us to pass on incredible savings


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Brands Deluxe Affiliate Programme

At Brands Deluxe, we believe that style and quality should never be compromised by price. We specialise in curating an exquisite collection of designer sunglasses, offering fashion-forward individuals the opportunity to accessorise with luxury without breaking the bank.


Program Commission Terms

We offer our affiliates a base commission of 2% and our order values are calculated excluding VAT & shipping.

All transactions will be placed in a temporary pending status for a period of 45 days allowing us to have the opportunity to review any full or partial returns.

Advertising Policies

We will only approve and work with publishers who are transparent in their promotional activities and are generating traffic to our site using the domain which you initially registered with to our program. If your domain or site has changed after application approval, we expect you to notify us in order to regain approval.

Advertising Creative

We expect approved publishers to use the ads that are made available via the Awin platform. If you require a format other than those made available or want to use another image from our shop, then please contact us first for approval by emailing us at:

The Affiliate is free to use customized text links and we do not require prior written approval.

Paid Search Policies:

We do not allow direct linking via search engine marketing or social media advertising (e.g. Google Ads, Facebook or Instagram). 

Guidelines for discount vouchers:

Vouchers may only be used if they have previously been communicated to the publishers via the network or through personal contact with the Affiliate Account Manager.

Vouchers that are not intended for use in affiliate marketing are excluded from the application.

Orders that are generated via non-approved coupon codes or not via new customers will be cancelled and not refunded. Examples of unauthorized voucher codes are print vouchers and newsletter vouchers.

Repeated non-compliance will result in complete exclusion from the affiliate program.


Please contact us if you wish to participate.

We reserve the right at anytime to terminate the Publisher agreement and withdraw/withhold any publishers commissions earned, if we find that an Affiliate has violated the Terms & Conditions outlined herein.