Horizons Lointains UK - Accelerate - UK

Horizons Lointains UK - Accelerate - UK

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Horizons Lointains is a french fashion brand that reflects the beauty of Cap Ferret in the south-west of France and it’s effortless, chic, laid-back vibe. Whant that “à la mode française” look? Check out our weekly new arrivals!


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Horizons Lointains UK - Accelerate - UK Affiliate Programme

Benefits to publishers:

high commissions
open to pay paid plan
free delivery on all U.K. orders
simple returns at low cost for customers


Program description:

Horizons Lointains is a French fashion brand adored by women across France for its effortless, chic, and laid-back vibe. Want to promote our “à la mode française” look? 

Views/Month in France: between 300,000 - 500 000 unique visitors/month

Very active brand : Over 50 new products added each week!


Program Information:

Average cart: €70 including taxes

Views/Month in U.K : 20,000 unique visitors/month

Conversion Rate: 1.1%

Target Audience: Women 30 - 65 years old

Product page translated by a native English speaker / Size adapted for U.K market