Du secret de mode le mieux gardé à Manchester à un des détaillants internationaux en plein essor, boohoo.com est rapidement devenu un leader mondial dans le monde de la mode de sa génération.


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About boohoo.com

A market leader in affordable, trend-driven women's fashion, boohoo.com is the UK's largest, fastest growing online retailer and driving the future of online shopping. modern line. Since its launch in 2006, the in-house design team has consistently created directional collections that combine not only incredible value, but also fashion-forward style.


From exclusive clothing to fabulous shoes and accessories, boohoo.com is a shopping destination providing countless choices for every occasion and for every budget. Hundreds of new pieces are added every week, along with recommendations from our stylists. Everything is available within 24h and international delivery is available, bringing the hottest looks straight to your door!

In our short history, we have been recognized by Reveal, Heat and Cosmopolitan magazines in their annual brand awards and we receive editorial support from several big names in fashion. Following the launch of our first television commercials in 2011, we launched an ongoing national campaign that includes prime time television spots, billboard coverage and sponsorship of the MTV program.

With this promising future, boohoo.com will solidify its position as the leader in affordable and trendy online fashion.


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