Joga is the only football essentials brand co-designed with professionals, uniquely crafted for the modern footballer seeking to champion self-expression and artistry in an age where football's creative spirit is waning.


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Embarking on a mission to revive the pure joy and freedom of football, we, Zack and Ethan Chislett, launched Joga. 


Inspired by the 'Joga Bonito' days of the Brazilian national team, we sought to break free from the increasing focus on sports science and technology in the modern game. Our journey began with a small yet revolutionary idea – mini shin pads. We observed players opting for insoles or no shin pads to express their uniqueness, so we designed the world's smallest shin pads in 2022. The response was overwhelming, with viral social media posts propelling us into the spotlight.


From this humble start, we've introduced a lineup of innovative products that have become sensations in the football community. Stars like Harvey Elliot, Lauren James, Mario Balotelli and even Rivaldo (one of the early inspirations from the brand) now proudly wear our creations.


Check our website for our full product range, with top sellers not only including the mini shin pad range, but our grip socks, sleeves and beanies as well. 


Wondering how we always hit the mark with products footballers love? It's simple – we live and breathe the game. With one of us playing non-league football and the other a professional in the English Football League 1, we have an inside scoop on what players truly desire. Our inventions are more than just gear; they're vessels carrying our crucial message of restoring freedom and enjoyment to football, reminiscent of the vibrant streets of Brazil.


We are the original and best mini shin pad brand on the market so join us in the beautiful game revolution!