Crafting candles since the early 2000s. We wanted to create a candle that looks like a real hand. Proudly crafted in Lithuania, EU, our goal remains to offer intricate and unique candle designs worldwide


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We have been designing and crafting candles since early 2000. In 2012 we launched our first brand CandleHand. CandleHand was born out of love for truly crafted candles. We wanted to create a candle that looks like a real hand. A candle so similar to the real hand that only the colour distinguishes it from the real hand. After years of prototyping Justinas, the designer of CandleHand, was finally pleased. We are now pleased to see CandleHand and our gourmet food candles CandleCan being sold worldwide. We want to continue bringing the most intricate and unique design candles to the market.
All our candles are designed and hand made in Lithuania, EU.

We assure 10% commissions for all sales


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