ParentShield is a great child-safe and parent-friendly mobile network. All SIM-only plans are 30-day rolling contracts. Customers can cancel or even pause their account at any time.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


ParentShield Affiliate Programme

ParentShield is a Great Child-Safe and Parent-Friendly Mobile Network with SIM cards for kids. Only Children or people needing special facilities are allowed to use it. 

Every feature of the Network is designed specifically for these users and features include advanced monitoring and safeguarding tools and spending and usage controls.  

ParentShield also offers SIM cards with no data for cases where mobile data would be inappropriate.


Tailor the mobile experience around the age or capability of the user, and adjust things as they grow - all from within the parent app.


  • The only Mobile Network designed for children 
  • Monitoring capabilities not available on any other network 
  • Know and control who they are talking to 
  • Unique parents controls
  • Impossible to overspend
  • Teach responsible phone usage from day one 
  • Cancel at any time


Ideally marketed to parents with children aged 6-12.