Welcome to the Poppy Shop, the official online charity and gift shop of The Royal British Legion. Our online shop is dedicated to selling our very own branded merchandise and a profit made is donated back to our charity in the form of gift aid.

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United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Poppyshop Affiliate Programme

About The Poppy Shop
Poppy Shop is the online store for The Royal British Legion and all purchases made from the Poppy Shop help to fund the work of the Legion, providing practical support and advice to Service personnel, past and present, and their families.

Why shop with us?
All profits from the Poppy Shop go to help the work of The Royal British Legion in its role of caring and campaigning for our Armed Forces and their families.
Our mission is to reach out to the 500,000 in the greatest need:

  • the financially vulnerable
  • those who are socially or emotionally isolated
  • those in poor health or living with a long-term illness or disability
  • We are there for them at life's critical events - injury, bereavement, at times of financial hardship and when they need care in old age.

Nearly a quarter of those we help now are below the age of 44.

Today's economic conditions are already severely affecting the youngest and most vulnerable in our beneficiary group so even the smallest amount you give, can make a difference.
And remember that we need money all year round, not just during the Poppy Appeal.

Commission Structure

We are pleased to offer commissions earned on all purchases:             

Poppy Shop - 10% of the purchase price of the goods, excluding postage and packing and VAT

30 day validation period 

Tracked sale must be from a direct affiliate click. 

You can also expect:

A wide range of attractive creative banners        
Competitive 10% commission rate if from a direct affiliate click (excl. VAT)        
Regular newsletter updates        
30 days cookie period        
Dedicated Affiliate Manager

Please note as of 18th October 2017 we no longer work with the Soft Click Publishers. The Royal British Legion also reserves the right to decline to work with any affiliate deemed inappropriate.