Summary revive new Phygital life to the classic games and toys, powering them with powerful technology into the digital era.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Particula-Tech (US) Affiliate Program

We define the future of play, by reviving new life to the timeless classics! and powering them into the digital era.

A new generation of (“Phygital”) games and toys, empowered with “brain and connectivity”, IoT technologies, and accompanied with premium apps that bridge the physical experience with the digital space. Our award winning products open up a whole new fun and exciting way to develop new skills, improve, play and socialize together near or far!

The company is a pioneer in its field, focusing on popular (evergreen) family favorites and STEM educational games with worldwide recognition with respect to their unique design, advanced tech and high quality values for families, parents and kids!

"Best TECH Gifts" by the WSJ 2020 and 2021
"Best STEM Toys" by CNET
"Parent's Choice" award
"Brain Child" Award

Official partner of Rubiks and RedBullNow, we are also looking for rockstar affiliates to join our team, and spread the word globally!

We are now looking for rockstars to join our affiliate program, and help us spread the "GoCube", "GoDice" word and get it out there!

Are you with us? We will be thrilled to have you on board!

Program Overview:

  • 15% Commission Rate
  • 30 Day Cookiel Period
  • International Shipping
  • FREE shipping within the USA
  • Demographic is anyone interested in Rubik's Cube, Puzzles, or Toys in General!

Feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions.

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