SolaRosette is Beauty Brand for developing advanced 100% natural,Vegan skincare Haircare products by using only 100% majestic natural pure ingredients.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


SolaRosette Affiliate Program

Company Name: Sola Rosette

About Us:

SolaRosette, a visionary cosmetics company, stands as a testament to elegance and innovation. Crafting a symphony of cosmetics, skincare, and hair care products, SolaRosette marries science and nature to unveil a new era of age-defying allure.

SolaRosette embarks on a mission to harness the gifts of nature and bestow them upon your skin and hair. We pledge to deliver true efficacy through our unwavering dedication to 100% pure natural ingredients. Guided by meticulous craftsmanship, our products are born from pristine, unadulterated raw materials – a departure from synthetic chemicals that threaten the very essence of beauty.

Affiliate Program Overview:

Sola Rosette is excited to announce the launch of our affiliate program in collaboration with the AWIN Affiliate Network. Their program is centered around offering a line of products for everyone who looking for youthful skin and vibrant, healthy hair. Their products are rigorously tested and clinically proven. They are dedicated to working closely with affiliates to promote their products and grow together.

Commission Structure:

Affiliates who partner with Sola Rosette will enjoy a competitive commission rate of 10% on every confirmed sale. This commission structure ensures that affiliates are generously rewarded for their efforts in promoting their premium skincare products.

Target Geography:

Our primary target market is the United States Of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK) and Europe. We aim to cater to the skincare needs of individuals in the USA, UK and Europe who are seeking effective solutions for addressing concerns related to wrinkles and the deterioration of skin and hair.

Terms and Conditions:

While we encourage our affiliates to actively promote our products, we do have certain restrictions in place to protect our brand identity. Affiliates are permitted to bring paid traffic through PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising using our brand name (SolaRosette). All affiliate should take care of brand’s integrity and prevent potential trademark violations.


Why Partner with Sola Rosette Ltd.?

Award-Winning Products: Sola Rosette takes pride in offering high-quality, award-winning products such as their anti-aging products have been recognised for their efficacy.

Innovation: Sola Rosette are committed to continually pushing boundaries to keep developing and releasing highly effective, clean skincare products that cater to all, Additionally, each ingredient used in SolaRosette products proudly displays the Ecocert and Cosmos seal of approval. This badge of honor assures you that their products are a safe haven for your skin, hair, and overall well-being.



Integrity: Sola Rosette prioritise the needs of their customers and never compromise on their values, which is why you can rely on them to uphold their commitment.

Inclusive: Sola Rosette products have been extensively tested to ensure they deliver incredible results no matter your skin type, ethnicity, age or gender, they skillfully blend advanced textures with a selection of distinguished rejuvenating ingredients, an array of enchanting natural oils, trendy extracts, and a multitude of potent active ingredients.

Lucrative Commission: Our 10% commission rate ensures that affiliates have the potential to earn substantial income while promoting products they believe in.

Focused Market: With a focus on the USA,UK and EU market, affiliates can tap into a geographically targeted audience, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Supportive Partnership: We value our affiliates and are committed to providing the necessary support, resources, and marketing materials to help them succeed.

 Contact Us:

For inquiries and partnership opportunities, please reach out to us at

 Join SolaRosette in our mission to empower individuals to achieve a clearer and healthy skin. Together, we can make a difference in the world of skincare.