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Millennium & Copthorne Hotels (Global)

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Millennium Hotels & Resorts is one of the most renowned and biggest hotel chains around the world with 99 properties scattered all over North America, Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Middle East, China and Taiwan.

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United States of America


Millennium & Copthorne Hotels (Global) Affiliate Program

Millennium Hotels & Resorts is one of the best renowned and biggest hotel chains around the world. It is currently operating 99 properties which are located in over 60 destinations worldwide. Millennium offers luxury style as well as comfort in all its establishments, making its brand one of the most internationally demanded.

Why promote Millennium?

  • Excellent locations of properties, for example next to Chelsea Football Club (UK) or to the United Nations in New York.
  • Outstanding product for business travelers.
  • Great average of updated promo codes and offers.
  • 99 properties Luxurious and renowned properties.

Commission: 6% 

Cookie Period: 30 days

Average Basket: USD 361


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