Online learning tool for parents. Helping children (aged 5-16) get ahead in school. English National Curriculum. Covering English, Maths & Science. Perfect for studying, homework, revision and exam prep (including SATs, 11+ & GCSEs).


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


EdPlace Affiliate Programme


  • Parents can access to thousands of online resources in English, Maths, Science for their children
  • Learn at home on our desktop website or on-the-go with our app (iOS & Android)
  • Students who used EdPlace learning materials progressed by an average of 153% in English, Maths and Science over an academic year.
  • Fully aligned to the English National Curriculum
  • Perfect for studying, homework, revision and exam prep (including SATs, 11+ & GCSEs)


Help us on our mission to remove the barriers to academic success and help millions of students succeed!

Our aim is to work closely with our affiliate partners and to help them succeed while growing the EdPlace community. EdPlace's partners can benefit from access to exclusive discount codes, and a great commission package with high conversion rates! 

  • Our default programme allows you to earn 20% per sale on our monthly packages and 20% per sale on our annual packages (up to £19.80 per sale)


EdPlace Pricing

At EdPlace we operate a freemium business model.  Parents can access a limited version of our educational tool for free, but are encouraged to upgrade to a paid subscription to gain full access to our range of tools & activities.

In 2021, 8% of freemium users upgraded to a paid subscription - starting at £15 per month for parents (or £99 on an annual subscription).


About EdPlace

Our English, maths, science and 11+ resources are designed by teachers to help children develop the skills they need to be successful in school and beyond, plus the confidence to believe in their own ability. 

Parents use our National Curriculum-aligned activities to introduce and revise concepts; and then practise what they've learnt with exam-style questions. 

Finally, we'll test their skills for key milestones with exam-board aligned, timed practice papers to ensure they are more than ready come test day!


Key Features

  • Practise the skills they’re learning in school
  • Instantly marked questions with teacher feedback
  • Test exam readiness with exam-style questions and practice papers
  • Progression tailored to each child’s ability
  • Automatically assigned activities based on progress
  • Recommendations on what to practise next
  • Points awarded for each correct answer
  • Badges earned for key learning milestones
  • Set individual goals and personalised rewards


Rejecting sales

  • EdPlace reserves the right to reject conversions that are deemed to be fraudulent or not genuine.


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