Founded in 2013, Ulike is one of the leading providers of home beauty devices, selling over 4 million units in 17 countries worldwide.Ulike Sapphire Air 3 IPL Hair Removal Handset with patented Ice-cooling Tech has received well by 50K customers.


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About Ulike

Founded in 2013, Ulike is a leading provider of home beauty devices, with over 4 million products sold in 17 countries worldwide.
Ulike allows customers to perform hair removal at home, reducing their reliance on beauty salons and saving them money.
Its business areas include North America, Europe, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, and the China region.

For our customers, we offer:
* Pay £83 First through Paypal and Klarna, 3 Interest-free installments in total.
* 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.
* 7/24 customer service and live chat service.
* Fast and Free shipping.

As an affiliate partner, you will benefit from:

* Competitive commissions and high conversion rates.
* A wide range of promotional materials, including product feeds, which we can customize for you.
* Access to international markets, regular promotions, and fast payouts.
* Exclusive offers, coupons, and bonuses for our premium partners.
* Dedicated support and openness to new ideas.

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