Leather Company began fourty years back as a walk in shop retailer in Birmingham. We have now grown to become UK's Largest Leather Fashion House. At Leather Company, we believe in making the luxury and durability of leather goods accessible to everyone.


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Welcome to Leather Company, a distinguished name in the realm of leather fashion that began its journey thirty years ago as a humble walk-in shop retailer nestled in the heart of Birmingham, a stone's throw from the iconic Birmingham Bullring Shopping Centre. Over the years, we've flourished and expanded, proudly establishing ourselves as the UK's Largest Leather Fashion House, a title we wear as comfortably as our leather.

Our journey, marked by an unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship, has seen us grow from a local shop to a nationwide presence, with brick-and-mortar stores peppered throughout the UK. At Leather Company, we believe in making the luxury and durability of leather goods accessible to everyone, which is why we've dedicated ourselves to sourcing the finest leather products at prices that resonate with the high street shopper.

Our expertise shines through in our curated collection of leather jackets, handbags, man bags, and an extensive range of other leather goods. Each item in our fashion design house is a testament to our dedication to style, quality, and craftsmanship, now available to you through our online platform.

Quality and Service

Our commitment runs deep, not only in the products we offer but in the values we uphold. Each piece in our collection is crafted from genuine leather, embodying our longstanding pledge to quality. We take great pride in sourcing our products ethically and responsibly, maintaining high standards of social and ethical compliance with our suppliers and tanneries. This dedication has not only earned us a reputation for high-standard goods but also the trust and respect of our partners and clients.

At Leather Company, we're more than just a brand - we're a team passionately driven by the feedback and satisfaction of our customers. It's this connection that motivates us to excel in customer care and product knowledge. We're not just selling leather; we're offering an experience, a journey into the world of quality leather fashion.

Join us at Leather Company, where we're not just outfitting you in leather; we're welcoming you into a legacy of quality, craftsmanship, and impeccable service. Enjoy the complete shopping experience with us, where every visit, every purchase, is a step into the world of refined leather fashion.