Summary is a 3-in-1 suite of online tools including a digital business card (vCard) generator, a custom URL shortener and a QR code generator. Got marketing or sales professionals in your network or among your users? Refer them to Yohn!


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30 Days

Links Affiliate Programme

Welcome to's Affiliate Programme! Promote our platform worldwide and earn up to 30 Euro per lead when referring enterprise customers to our website.

Here's an overview of our commission structure:

  • Free Trial Signup: 0€
  • Paid User on Yohn+ Plan: 10% commission for up to 12 months or until cancelled
  • Lead (Yohn Corporate/Enterprise Plans): 0€
  • Qualified Lead (Yohn Corporate/Enterprise Plans): 30€

Contact us for tips & tricks, best practices and discount coupon codes at!

Brand bidding is strictly prohibited. Make sure to add the following terms to your negative keyword lists in case you're using paid search campaigns to promote yohn,,

And a few words about

We offer:

  • Digital business cards for individuals or whole teams (learn more at
  • Branded URL shortener ( instead of Yohn makes shortlinks updateable, trackable, more trustworthy and increases CTR. USP: SaaS and self-hosted (in own AWS account) versions are available.
  • QR code generator with analytics. Generate QR codes that look nicer and are easier to scan and track how many people scan them.

The full Affiliate Terms & Conditions can be found here: