iSinwheel is specialised in electric scooters for personal transportation. iSinwheel go with your wonderful life. Whether it's your first trying super electric Scooter or have fun with your kids. iSinwheel accompany your every growth.


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iSinwheel is specialised in electric scooters for personal transportation. 

We provide convenient travel. Whether it's daily commuting or the weekend outing. iSinwheel is your safe, stable and reliable partner. Everything we do at iSinwheel is about personal transportation. We has always strived to provide high-quality, safe, and reliable products for its customers. We believe that technology makes communication easier and easier, but it becomes more difficult to connect the people, places, and experiences that are most important to us.

 iSinwheel brings all the things you want closer to you, enriching your life in an easier, cheaper and more interesting way. Your office, the new ramen shop, the friends you are eager to bring to the new ramen shop.