One Nation Clothing is a womenswear e-commerce shop specialising in versatile pieces, basics and outerwear styles. These 3 key categories have low return rates, meaning better payouts for affiliates.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

One Nation Clothing Affiliate Programme



We’re an independent online store set up in 2013, run by two best friends. We met back at university (an undisclosed amount of time ago…) and have been pretty inseparable ever since.


We started off small, running our business from a spare bedroom, but now have our own studio, office, warehouse & showroom. We still do most things between the two of us - from modelling, photography & social media to buying, planning & packing your orders.

Over the past few years, ONC style has evolved alongside our own. We aim to provide our loyal customers with amazing pieces that you can wear over and over - such as great go-with-anything basics, versatile dresses & wear-every-day jackets & coats. We’re also working with suppliers to increase our use of recycled and eco-responsible fabrics.We're hoping our story continues to grow & evolve, and hope you want to come along for the ride... offers affiliates:

  • A generous commission on all referred sales (but not including delivery charges, returns charges or VAT)
  • 30 day cookies
  • Updated product feeds
  • Industry standard sized banners
  • Dynamic content links
  • Affiliate newsletter with tips, news and the latest offers.
  • Last referrer gets the commission


VAT, Delivery and Returns charges do not qualify for commission.


All commissions will be validated on a 45 day period and reserves the right to decline commission on all returned goods.



When referencing, please ensure that you are using all lower case letters if using the url, or use capital letters if just using the brand name, ie. or One Nation Clothing. Please ensure you are also using the most up to date logo which is used on the network profile - if you need different sizes please get in touch.


For all blogger enquiries please contact:


Please note One Nation Clothing will not pay commission to affiliates carrying out any unauthorised brand bidding for the duration the bidding takes place. CSS affiliates are only allowed with written permission of One Nation Clothing.


One Nation Clothing will consider working with toolbar publishers who can track performance of the toolbar separately to other activity and allow One Nation Clothing control of any promotions featured on toolbars.


One Nation Clothing will only work with subnetworks who are transparent about their traffic sources in real time. Subnetworks must also not have any other subnetworks working in their remits.


From time to time, One Nation Clothing may share details of upcoming campaigns or promotions with its affiliates under embargo. Affiliates must not share this information publicly or with any other company ahead of its launch date, when an embargo is in place. Doing so may result in loss of commissions and/or termination from the programme.


Note that affiliates are not permitted to scrape the website for information