Energybulbs is the UK's leading provider of branded energy saving and LED bulbs. With free delivery over £50, an AOV of £60+ and up to 6% commission on the Programme, now is a great time to promote the Programme. Our orders also have fast, free returns.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Links Affiliate Programme is the UK’s number one supplier of branded energy bulbs.

In a market that is flooded with cheap imported bulbs, we sell only branded products from reputable manufacturers. Our products are backed by long guarantee periods, and fast, free returns and our close relationships with manufacturer’s means that we can offer exceptional value.

Established for more than six years, hundreds of thousands of home and business owners in the UK have trusted to guide their purchase of energy saving LED bulbs.

Free delivery on all orders over £50

Reasons to become an affiliate:

  • Earn up to a fantastic 6% commission
  • High conversion rate
  • High average order value £60+
  • Weekly validations
  • Regularly updated creative
  • One of the fastest growing markets within the UK commission rates:

  • Lighting & bulbs: 6%
  • Electricals: 4%
  • Heating Appliances: 3%
  • Garden: 3%
  • Handdryers: 3%

Please note commission excludes VAT. 

Voucher Codes:

Usage of Voucher codes not currently listed on the Energybulbs Programme may result in reversed or cancelled commissions. Please only list those vouchers that are live and listed on the Energybulbs Programme.

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