The Book of Everyone is a groundbreaking website that creates an amazing 50-page personalised book around anyone in seconds.

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The Book Of Everyone Affiliate Programme

The Book of Everyone is a totally unique concept and a phenomenally fast growing start-up business (730% growth in 2016). We have hundreds of thousands of happy customers around the world.

We make personalised books for men, women and children. Using bespoke technology and a database of facts stretching back to 1913 our customers can make a totally unique gift for their mum, son, lifelong friend, local baker and smile-maker.  Because everyone needs to feel loved and unique. And knowing that you share 50% of your DNA with a banana or a billion atoms with Shakespeare is really very important.

We value design. All of our assets have been lovingly prepared by our team of in-house world class designers. We can help you build a campaign to suit your website and your audience and provide customised creatives.

Here are some reasons why it’s a good idea to join our network:

•    Earn 12-20% commission on sales
•    Cookie Period 45 days
•    Highly engaging creative assets with high click-through rate
•    Above average conversion rate on all landing pages
•    Bespoke campaigns and target / bonus based incentives available
•    Regular seasonal campaigns
•    Average order value - £29

We want to work closely with our publishers and will do what we can to ensure all campaigns are delivering, for everybody
We want to create long lasting relationships which create real value for everybody

So join up, get involved and let’s see how we can work together.

Shruti Rekhi

PPC Policy:- Please will affiliates refrain from bidding on The Book of Everyone brand term, this will include all variations & misspellings of the brand name.
The Book of Everyone
The Book Everyone

Voucher Code Policy:- We cannot work with any publishers who promote using voucher or coupon codes. We can work with all other promotional methods. 


For personalised creatives and images please contact Shruti Rekhi at The Book Of Everyone directly.