giffgaff costs you miles less than other mobile networks. We are an online SIM only business and our standard rates are less than half those charged by the big networks. We promise to always keep things simple and to always do our best to be fair.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


giffgaff Handsets Affiliate Programme

giffgaff is a mobile phone network with a difference. We don't believe in unfair mobile contracts, that's why we have worked in collaboration with our members to give them a better-cheaper-fairer network to keep them connected. Giving our members the option to pay for their phone, separately from their monthly goodybag, over a selectable period of time, is a new way to do mobile that is flexible and affordable. 

Our members can select their initial payment from £50 to £200 and the duration of their payments starting at 6 to 24 months. Alternatively, they can purchase their phone outright.

All phones must be purchased with one month's goodybag, but as per our SIM only offer, there are no airtime contracts, so giffgaff members can stop or change their goodybag each month to suit their needs.

Our commission payments are broken down into 3 actions: handset purchase/loan, SIM activation and second top up. 

Handset Purchase
Handset Loan
Variable Handset Purchase / Loan Commission

Activation bonuses are paid via affiliate Window and will appear as separate commissions in your reporting.


The datafeed contains every possible combination of handset and handset loan, plus "buy oughtright" offers.

We are currently trialing the new telecoms datafeed format with Awin. The data is much richer and has columns specifically intended for mobile, such as minutes, texts and data allowances. If you have not integrated the feed yet we strongly recommend you use the new format - please contact us for access.

If you are using the old (current) format a file is provided in the "documents" tab to show which column contains the mobile specific data.

Cashback sites
Cashback partners are welcome to promote the handset programme. Please contact us to agree the level of cashback you can offer to your members.

"SIM Free" note
All handsets from giffgaff are supplied unlocked. However, please do not promote the handsets in the "SIM free" or "handset only" sections of your site.
You are welcome to use the term "unlocked" as a selling point - for example "All giffgaff handsets are supplied unlocked with a giffgaff SIM and goodybag".