OvuSense fertility monitor and cycle tracker predicts ovulation using current cycle data and then confirms ovulation happened with 99% accuracy. This smart device consists of a sensor and App allowing the user to view their 8-day fertile window.


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OvuSense is a fertility monitor and cycle tracker that predicts ovulation using current cycle data then confirms ovulation took place. It does this by tracking continuous core body temperature through a vaginal sensor that is inserted and worn overnight with its OvuSense Advanced Fertility Monitor product.

The vaginal sensor is worn overnight and monitors fluctuations in progesterone levels throughout a woman's cycle - this data is then synced to the OvuSense App in the morning via harmless NFC (the same connection contactless credit cards use).

This method provides a more accurate picture of ovulation timing than traditional Basal Body Temperature monitoring devices, which rely on oral temperature measurements.

Furthermore, OvuSense has been clinically proven to provide 99% accuracy for confirming ovulation [a] plus 96% positive predictive value for predicting ovulation [a]. OvuSense offers an 8-day fertile window for women with regular or irregular cycles of any length (including for women with PCOS), making it an invaluable tool for those trying to conceive.

The OvuSense Advanced Fertility Monitor comes in 3 bundles, offering you the opportunity of a high conversion rate on the pay monthly bundle, and bigger commission earnings on the Annual and One-Off bundles.



[a] The accuracy of ovulation confirmation by OvuSense is based on the data set originally published at the 2013 ASRM meeting as a quality index: Papaioannou S, Aslam M (2013), and developed in the key publication outlining the accuracy and positive predictive value of advance prediction of ovulation shown at the 2014 ESHRE meeting: Papaioannou S, Delkos D, Pardey J (2014).