Loch Electronics was created to address the lack of options for consumers regarding the environment.Capsule is a 3-in-1 mini dishwasher for small homes, apartments, offices and just about anywhere else you can think of.


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Loch Electronics Affiliate Programme

Introducing the Loch Electronics Affiliate Program: Join Us in Revolutionizing Everyday Living.

Are you passionate about innovative solutions that make a real difference in people's lives? Do you believe in sustainability, cutting-edge technology, and top-notch customer experiences? If so, we invite you to be a part of the Loch Electronics Affiliate Program!

At Loch Electronics, we're not just creating products – we're shaping the future. Our groundbreaking innovations, like the Capsule dishwasher, are designed to enhance convenience, efficiency, and sustainability in households worldwide. And now, we're excited to offer you the chance to join our journey and earn while sharing the magic of Loch Electronics with your audience.

Why Choose the Loch Electronics Affiliate Program on AWIN?

  •  Earn a Generous 8% Commission: As a valued affiliate partner, you'll earn an attractive 8% commission on every sale made through your unique AWIN affiliate link. Your efforts will be rewarded generously as you introduce our innovative products to your audience.
  • Cutting-Edge Innovations: Loch Electronics is dedicated to creating products that redefine convenience and sustainability. The Capsule dishwasher is just the beginning of our journey to offer groundbreaking solutions. As our affiliate, you'll have the opportunity to promote products that are changing the game.
  •  Exceptional Customer Experience: When you promote Loch Electronics, you're endorsing a brand that prioritizes customer satisfaction. We provide a seamless online shopping experience and top-notch customer support, ensuring your audience's trust in our products.
  • Advanced Tracking and Reporting: Through AWIN's advanced affiliate platform, you'll gain access to real-time tracking and reporting. This tool empowers you with insights into clicks, conversions, and commissions, allowing you to optimize your performance effectively.
  • Dedicated Affiliate Support: We're committed to your success. If you need assistance, have questions, or require customized creatives, our dedicated affiliate support team is here to help. You'll receive the guidance you need to excel.

How to Get Started on AWIN with Loch Electronics:

Join AWIN: If you're not already a member of AWIN, sign up and get your account approved.

Apply for the Loch Electronics Program: Once you're on AWIN, search for the Loch Electronics program and apply to become an affiliate partner.

Access Your Affiliate Dashboard: Upon approval, you'll receive access to your personalized affiliate dashboard. Here, you'll find your unique affiliate link, banners, and tracking tools.

Promote Loch Electronics: Share your unique affiliate link on your website, blog, social media platforms, or any channel you prefer. Let your audience discover the innovative products from Loch Electronics.

Earn Commissions: Whenever a sale is made through your affiliate link, you'll earn an 8% commission. Your hard work will be rewarded with consistent payouts.

Track and Optimize: Monitor your performance in real-time using AWIN's reporting tools. Adjust your strategies to maximize your earnings.

Ready to Join the Loch Electronics Affiliate Family?

If you're as passionate about innovation, sustainability, and outstanding customer experiences as we are, then we'd love to have you on board. Join the Loch Electronics Affiliate Program today and earn while making a positive impact on the way people live!

Note: Commission rate of 8% is applicable on each successful sale referred through your affiliate link. Terms and conditions apply.